Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not quite a stampede

We had a minor panic here last night. I came upstairs to work on the computer and glanced out of the window when I saw that the cattle in the field opposite were sprinting across the field. This was not too unusal as they haven't been out long and on their first appearance they appeared at a trot in a close group inspecting all the field boundaries.

Then to my amazement one bullock came running loose down the lane and then came dashing back. There is a public footpath between the cattle field (the one with the buttercups shown in the photo at the top of the blog) and the next field (containing a few sheep), so that the path is a narrow path enclosed between fences. Well, the bullock then ran up the footpath, but I knew he couldn't get out at the other end as there is a gate - it's open at our end. So, back down the path he came gathering speed, whilst the bullocks in the field were also galloping around. I think they were trying to get out as well, but fortunately they didn't find the escape route. He saw us looking at him and jumped up onto our front lawn and wandered around there until D went out and waved him off.

The poor bullock then ran up and down the road and the footpath getting more and more agitated. It was a good job that he didn't go further up the lane than the entrance to the footpath otherwise he would have ended up on the main road, which is a busy road with traffic coming out of a 40 mph restricted section.

I phoned the farmer, who came out looking for the bullock. By this time it was dark and it took some time to get him back safely. The escape route must have been closed off as the cattle were back peacefully gazing in the field today.

PS the photo is dark but I think you can see the bewildered bullock and what looks like a ball at his feet - not a football though but a spot of rain on the camera lens.

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hi,thanks for email,i love reading but just lately i never seem to find the time!
i read all sorts of books,so i would be stuck to pick any real favorites,i have 2 sons,one who loves reading as much as i do and the other son very rarely reads, he had his 1st book as a christmas box just gone,and it was about a footballer!
so i wonder if he will add more too his collection! best wishes ann.
ps you did well to grab a picture of the frightened cow,its lucky you saw it all happen.