Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sunday Salon - New Books Today

Well, new to me at any rate. I've been out shopping - it still seems wrong that the shops are open on a Sunday, but every now and then I do go, despite feeling slightly guilty. Of course I had to go to the bookshop, have a cup of coffee and then just have a look at the books. Fatal, I came home with four.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. I'm reading this along with Danielle. I borrowed a copy from the library but I'll only have to keep renewing it and I'm enjoying it, so I bought it. The copy in the shop was slightly damaged - so I got a discount, can't be bad.

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, because I enjoyed Half of a Yellow Sun (I wrote about it here). It was one of the 3 for 2 books and the marketing worked, because I then had to pick 2 more books.

I bought The Gathering by Anne Enright - the 2007 Booker Prize winner, because I've read mixed reveiws and wanted to see for myself.

And Owen Sheers' Resistance because it looks so interesting - a war story but this time an imagined history of what could have happened if D-Day had failed and the Nazis had invaded Britain.
And now I'm off to cook the dinner and hopefully read some more of Les Miserables in my new copy (I'm only up to page 164).


Megan said...

When I went book shopping I looked for my only copy of Les Miserables because I knew I had seen it previously, alas, no longer there.

I got Luanne Rice's Summer Light. Has any one read one of her books?

Leaving Normal by Stef Ann Holm. The blurb on the back says, "With the ink dry on her divorce papers, Natalie Goodwin feels life is running just the way she wants it." I thought this might be a good read for me.

Candice Bushnell's 4 Blondes. I have been wanting to buy Sex in the City and Lipstick Jungle. I have been even playing with the idea of paying full price for them. Found this one for $1.40 so I thought I would pick it up in the meantime.

Because of Winn-Dixie is a a Newbery Honor book and was only 50 cents.

Most things still aren't open here on Sunday in Utah. It bothers me because I did not grow up that way and I am not used to it and you go out to do something and everything is closed!

Andi said...

I went into a bookstore on Friday with doubts that I would buy anything. Of course, I walked out with two new-to-me titles. *sigh*

Great haul! I really want to try Les Mis one day, but I'm gun shy when it comes to chunksters of that magnitude.

frumiousb said...

What a nice group of books. I actually just reviewed The Gathering for my Sunday Salon entry. It isn't the easiest of books.

Table Talk said...

Why else would you go shopping if it wasn't to buy books and go to a tea shop? Am I missing something here?

J. Kaye Oldner said...

It's nice to see another newbie to The Sunday Salon. Most of the time, Sundays are for the library. It opens in the afternoon and that's the day the whole family is together. Saturdays are for!

Irish said...

For those who are gun shy over the chunksters of literary works there is a wonderful group on that is a support group of sort for just that sort of book. Currently we're all reading War & Peace and are in the process of selecting the next book to tackle. For those interested here is the link:

bethany said...

oh, yes. Purple Habiscus and the Gathering both sound so good to me too...thanks for sharing all the good reads you have now!

fun stuff!

Danielle said...

Did you know there is a blog now up and running for Les Misérables? I think I am now lagging behind everyone else! I didn't get in any reading time really over the weekend. Too bad you can't grow time (though with my luck with plants I wouldn't do well with that either! LOL). I also want to read The Gathering. I've heard her interviewed so many times and am intrigued by her. I've heard so many mixed things about the book, though. I always wonder how that influences my own reading? And I've started Resistance as well--not very far though!

Les said...

I've heard mixed reviews about Resistance, so I'll be eager to hear what you think. It sounds appealing to me!

Liz said...

I keep intending to read Les Mis, but it's so thick and intimidating. I really enjoyed the musical, so I should pick it up sometime.

BooksPlease said...

Megan, the only one of those books I know is Sex and the City - I have a copy, but not read it yet - I loved the TV series.

Andi, long books can be daunting but Les Mis is worth trying.

Frumiusb - love your name, I've heard that about The Gathering.

Table Talk, why else indeed? Oh. I also bought shoes.

J Kaye - are your libraries open on Sundays?? Ours aren't, wish they were!

Irish, thanks for the link.

Bethany, thank you.

Danielle, thanks for the link. I find it hard not to be influenced by some reviews.

Les, I haven't heard anything about Resistance - it was an impulse buy, as the subject attracted me.

Lisa, I would love to see the musical.

joanna said...

I recently bought The Gathering too. Resistance sounds really interesting, I'm looking forward to your thoughts!